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Debug-Developing a CSharp Console Application

One of my old computer science professors, back in the days, used to say, if you use a debugger while you are writing your code, you are a bad programmer. My, oh my. What an idiot. It makes perfect sense

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NuGet Packages for unstable, in-development Libraries – cont. (III)

Previously, I wrote about using one global msbuild xml file to override nuget package content for local development. While this does work, it comes with a warning if multiple packages use this mechanism: ***Test\packages\***.0.7.1-prerelease-\build\native\***.targets(7,5): warning MSB4011: “***Test\packagesoverride.xml.user” cannot be imported

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NuGet Packages for unstable, in-development Libraries – cont. (II)

Previously, I wrote about using NuGet for software components, which are still in active development. One of the most important factors was the capability to override the nuget package’s content with content fetched from a directory, e.g., a working copy

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I like

I am a visual guy. That means I like all kinds of visual representations of abstract data. And so, of course, I also like all those fancy little badges available all over the internet. It is only a logical conclusion

Sticking to Legacy?

Time to reblog another of my all-time-favorites from xkcd: tar There are plent of tools, which are still used today, athough they were crap from the start. I know, this example here is mocking Nix. But there are plenty of

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Ich habe meinen alten Webhoster hinter mir gelassen und meine Webseite umgezogen. Das war jetzt dringend nötig. Ich hab auch das WordPress aktualisiert. Nun scheint das Plugin für mehrsprachige Posts nicht mehr richtig mit dem Editor zu funktionieren. Naja. Das

SpringerJagd Discontinued

I will not continue with my game idea project “SpringerJagd”. That project simply got the short end as I was prioritizing all my projects. A pitty, but it is better that way. Now I have more time I can direct

Beautify HtmlAgilityPack

As can be read on the internet: HtmlAgilityPack is not for beautiful, aka human readable, html files. “[…] it’s a ‘by design’ choice.” [] So everyone redirects you to some other library. Now, I am a bit stubborn. I want

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Another Nuget: TeamCity GoogleTest Streamer

And here is another Nuget package: A small library for better integration of GoogleTest into TeamCity. It’s actually a single header-only file library. But it still has a nuget for easy integration and update.

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GLM 0.9.9 NuGet

GLM is a nice, lean, good math library for OpenGL. It’s header-only. Does a NuGet package make sense anyway? I say “Yes”. The simple usage and the clean versioning make up for the minimal additional overhead. I am now also

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