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As can be read on the internet: HtmlAgilityPack is not for beautiful, aka human readable, html files. “[…] it’s a ‘by design’ choice.” [] So everyone redirects you to some other library. Now, I am a bit stubborn. I want …

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And here is another Nuget package: A small library for better integration of GoogleTest into TeamCity. It’s actually a single header-only file library. But it still has a nuget for easy integration and update.

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GLM is a nice, lean, good math library for OpenGL. It’s header-only. Does a NuGet package make sense anyway? I say “Yes”. The simple usage and the clean versioning make up for the minimal additional overhead. I am now also …

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Lua has been updated to 5.3.5 So, I also updated my NuGet package to Lua 5.3.5

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This article discusses a way how to create and use a NuGet Package for Libraries which are not yet stable and which are still under active development. Especially, the core idea is to develop such an library and a project …

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The re-blarging of old xkcd comics continues…  

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Hi, I updated the NuGet package for GLFW once again. The content is basically identical to before, but there are three important changes: The version number now uses four numbers: The fourth number is a package-build number which I …

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I am playing Horizon Zero Dawn (by Guerrilla Games). Brillant game! I am having a great time with it. When I learned (this Friday) in the Game, that the small Device Aloy is using is called “Focus” and was produced …

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Here we are. At the end of 2017. Compared to 2016 it was a great year, and much has happened. In fact, I was so busy, I found almost no time to write here, that this blog seemed genuinely dead. …

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I updated my nuget packages to support Visual Studio 2017 (v141): GLFW – Lua – voro++ – Using this opportunity, I dropped support for Visual Studio 2010.

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