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NuGet Packages for unstable, in-development Libraries

This article discusses a way how to create and use a NuGet Package for Libraries which are not yet stable and which are still under active development. Especially, the core idea is to develop such an library and a project

Don’t take Open Source too serious

The re-blarging of old xkcd comics continues…  

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Updates NuGet package of GLFW

Hi, I updated the NuGet package for GLFW once again. The content is basically identical to before, but there are three important changes: The version number now uses four numbers: The fourth number is a package-build number which I

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A Product Comparison: FARO FOCUS

I am playing Horizon Zero Dawn (by Guerrilla Games). Brillant game! I am having a great time with it. When I learned (this Friday) in the Game, that the small Device Aloy is using is called “Focus” and was produced

Bai Bai 2017

Here we are. At the end of 2017. Compared to 2016 it was a great year, and much has happened. In fact, I was so busy, I found almost no time to write here, that this blog seemed genuinely dead.

Nuget Packages Updated

I updated my nuget packages to support Visual Studio 2017 (v141): GLFW – Lua – voro++ – Using this opportunity, I dropped support for Visual Studio 2010.

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Voro++ on Nuget

And now there is Voro++ on Nuget. Voro++ is a library and utility, written by Chris Rycroft (with Applied Mathematics in Harvard SEAS) for compute Voronoi cells für 3D data. I use his lib actually to compute natural neighbors in

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Designing WinForms GUI on Systems with different DPI Settings – It’s all about Font!

The Problem We have projects working with WinForms GUIS. Different Developers work with different Computers, and these have different DPI settings. Every time the Project is opened on a system with different DPIs the WinForms get scaled, which is painfully

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XKCD Reblog Started

When I read this comic on xkcd i started thinking. I enjoy reading xkcd. Few comics are bad, most are nice, and some are brilliant. And those are the ones I will now start reblogging here, as distributed archive. 😉

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The Lua Nuget Package

I adopted yet another nuget package: Lua The reason, of course, is MegaMol, more precisely an upcoming addition to MegaMol enabling scripting of all internal management functions. After some thought, we opted for Lua as scripting language in our project.

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