There were no post on the last two Sundays. And that was on purpose. The whole idea to write one post every Sunday was kind of good, but did not work. Far too many posts were fillers without any content. That is not good. Those posts only bloated my blog. Which helped no one. And bloating things up is something I do not like at all. Thus, it is time for a change. It is time to clean up!

I deleted all old filler posts. No one needs them.

Exoworlds is history. I had the idea for this game since school. And now it is time to let go. I will never find enough time to create the game in the form I imagined. The little time I have for something like this is better invested in my other projects, I have to say.

To be precise: MegaMol and SpringerJagd are my two remaining projects I will be working on. In the vicinity of those, more small utilities will emerge.

In future I try to post regularly. But I will not promise anything.

I am very cautious about photos of myself on the internet. And I am even more cautious about private information. However, this week there was a nice moment I want to share: If you can, you can see me through the web cam of the MS Europa (no, I was not traveling with the ship).

I am a Microsoft fan boy. This, I gladly admit. But one thing is for sure, the guys from Redmond are only humans after all. And I don’t have time nor patience for beta tests.

This week I upgraded my three PCs to Windows 10. All of my computers were running Windows 8.1 installed from the same image, and I used all three roughly for the same stuff. So, I was rather impressed how different the results and installation experiences were, especially, since I used the same downloaded image on all three computers:

My computer at work decided to forget most icons of most installed programs after the upgrade. This was because I moved the useless installation cache from my tiny SSD onto a normal hard disk and relinked it back. This works find in every aspect, but the windows installation decided to throw away the link before doing anything. Smart move.

On my Surface Pro 3 Windows 10 welcomed me after the upgrade with some information on functions I could use if I would have had touch input. … Wut? Well, after two additional reboots the surface remembered its core feature touch screen and pen. Just, the quick-note button on the pen itself, however, cannot be persuaded to use OneNote. Instead it stubbornly insist on using the useless OneNote imposter app. Annoying.

And, finally, one my private Desktop, almost everything worked fine. Only exception was that the setup de-installed my antivirus. It was fine with the same antivirus software on the other two computers, so I guess it was about time to stumble now.

So much for that. Until now Windows 10 leaves and Ok impression. Only some things sucks, only some things seems improved, only some things got worse. It’ll be fine. However, I haven’t seen any real killer feature.

P.S.: Microsoft cannot count! cf. Visual Studio 14

Most new data sets for my scientific visualization find their way to my desk in form of arbitrarily structures text files. This is not really a problem. The first sensible step is converting them into a fast binary format for the visual analysis. With this, however, I face the problem of understanding the structure of 11 Gigabytes text files (no exaggeration here!). But, such files do have structure. So, only the few first and few last lines really matter. The bits in-between will be roughly the same way. What I need are the Linux-known commands “head” and “tail”. However, I am a Windows guy. So? The Powershell comes to the rescue:

gc log.txt | select -first 10 # head
gc log.txt | select -last 10 # tail

I found these on: (where else)

At least the “head” version was fast and sufficient for me. I am happy.

It is time again. In the coming week, there will be the last lectures for some time. Although I like giving lectures, it is fun, and I believe I am good at it. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to get rid of this part of my work again. At least for a little while. So, I can focus again on all the other unfinished issues on my desk, and there are a lot. For example, the release of the next version of MegaMol should have happened two weeks ago. I have to work on my upcoming paper projects. And, of course, the development of MegaMol needs to go further for future projects.

Yesterday I tried to write yet another “nothing new” post, following my normal posting schedule. However, due to some reasons I completely don’t understand, I could not log into my admin dashboard. I tried everything on the login troubleshooting guide, until I reached “If everything else fails…” Luckily, it then was late, I was tired and I did not want to try anything else.

And today, everything works fine again. … WTF …

Why is software so unreliable, and why does software these days fails so silently and so elusively?

It is unbelievable nice to do nothing for some extended time. Obviously, I needed that.

And, in fact, I am looking forward to preparing the upcoming lecture term.


Updating WordPress is kind of pain. I can completely understand why many people do never update their (non-personal) sites. This is not a large WordPress installation. One site, roughly half a dozen plugins, one theme, and that is it. Nevertheless, today I made the effort to back up the data base and files and to update everything. Two plugins failed to work properly afterwards and it took me two hours to fix everything. However, don’t get me wrong. The heaviest problems I got did not originate from one of the plugins itself, but from the way I used it. Meaning, it was my own fault. Still, a pain.