My Harddisk became unpleasently full, therefore I bought an additional one this week and installed in my computer. I noticed again how reluctantly I am tinkerin with my computer’s hardware. Whatever.

My computer uses the ASUS P8Z77-V mainboard, which I can only tell good things about. However, when I inserted the new harddisk and booted my Windows, this harddisk appeard at the tray icon for removable drives. The nonsense.

After some googling I lerned that it is the ASMedia controller, which controls two of the eight SATA ports. And for this controler, the corresponding bios option for drive removal is missing. There are some solutions in the net, e.g. injecting registry hacks at boot time using the task scheduler. What I did not find on the web, but what I found for myself is the “real solution”: simply set the option at the controller:

Device Manager > IDE ATA/ATAPI-Controller > Asmedia 106x SATA Controller > Properties > Policies

What I don’t like, is that this solution was not the first hit at Google. …

The Windows Powershell is quite nice. Of course, now all the Linux users start bitching around, that they always has something like this and that it is nothing special. And no one claims otherwise. But still, the PowerShell is nice and I enjoy it. :-)

Like today: I needed a simple hex dump of a file:

PS >  $str = ""; $cnt = 0; get-content -encoding byte C:\pfad\zur\Datei.txt | foreach-object { $str += (" {0:x2}" -f $_); if ($cnt++ -eq 7) { $cnt = 0; $str += "`n"; } }; write-host $str

It’s elegance is limited, that I will admit, however, I does it’s job. And, somehow, it is quite nice …

The year 2012 is almost gone. Let’s use this opportunity to reflect on what’s happend. Ok, ok. No one likes annual reviews (me neither), but still…

Early this year I defended my dissertation, and finished my Ph.D. With this, I also finished my work at the Visualization Research Center of the University of Stuttgart. And I mean “at”, not “with”. I still continue working with the “guys from Stuttgart”, and we have some pretty exciting ideas under development.

Then I moved to Dresden and started working at the TU Dresden in the project VICCI. It’s a great city and a great group working here at the computer graphics lab. I really enjoy working and we have some fascinating science projects going on here.

What else? TheLib started. Together with two friends and ex-colleagues from Stuttgart, we decided to fix the design issues of the VISlib, by creating a new, clean library. It is a lot of work, but it is worth it.

And, of course, there is my private game project: Springerjagd (Knights Hunt). Although, I already started to work on the rules last year, it was this year that the game finally got it’s name. And it’s webseit, although there is not much to see there. But this project is something I will be definitly going to continue.

And, with this we reach the New Year’s resolutions (although it’s 1-2 days early): basically, I only want to do what I can to make 2013 as successful as 2012 was. No, I will make it even more successful. However, I believer there is no need for more detailed plans :-)

And, because I do not plan to post again at New Year’s Eve, I wish you all:

“A happy new Year!”

I had some very quite days this week. Nothing really happend, and that is a very good thing. Thus, the only thing I have to say this week is:

Merry Christmas!

It’s the first sunday after I promised to write a post each sunday. Well, at least I warned you that not all posts will be meaningful. So let’s start directly with the non-meaningful ones:

Some days ago I heard a discussion (more like a monolog), where an expert (Linux user, which only touches Windows using thick gloves, and only if he really must) presented his opinion: “Windows 7 was the way it was, but Windows 8 is not suitable for desktop computers”.

Really, I cannot stand this non-sense! Did you ever try using Windows 8? (“Using” not “trying out”!) I did. On my desktop computer. And you know what? It works perfectly! The tile menu in Windows 8 is just fine, the apps can be ignored without effort, and on the legacy desktop there are so many small improvements that I really enjoy working with it. Okey, most of the GUI changes are optimized for touch input. Using on a normal desktop computer you need to use a special hardware called: MOUSE!

Some of you might have noticed that was unavailable for about two weeks now.
I am trying to clean up the mess and to reconstruct the lost data (post only. Comments are lost for sure).

Just a quick note: Never NEVER EVER trust a backup system you have not set up yourself.

I am online again!

Due to me moving to a new city I was without internet for four weeks (ok, I have internet at my work, but this obviously does not count). This is a damn long time! But now, the waiting has come to an end.

Next up:

I got one bug report each for Burns 3 and Dib. I am gonna look into these the next days. For the Burns 3 bug I already wrote a workaround and I am waiting for a confirmation that this fixes the problem.

The last few weeks were packed with work. That’s why I had to distract myself and power down my brain a bit. So I tried something new and created three little fonts. Each only contains glyphs for the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 and represents them as tally marks. Since these files are simple and small, their are free for download and free for any use anyone would like:

Tally Marks Europa.ttfTally Marks Europa.ttf Tally Marks Europa
[5.69 KB; MD5: beadd7876b05cdfa98a32498fb630ea0; More Info]


Tally Marks Asia.ttfTally Marks Asia.ttf Tally Marks Asia
[5.11 KB; MD5: a952cb9ac13ff68b2ada0484bc786e0e; More Info]


Tally Marks Spain.ttfTally Marks Spain.ttf Tally Marks Spain
[5.70 KB; MD5: 6219f0201922f513cb3efe0fbd2e1958; More Info]

The TheLib Project was started 22. March.

It is the follow-up project of the VISlib, an openly available library of Totally Helpful Extensions for C++ and C# with focus on scientific visualization. TheLib is created in a cooperation betweent the Visualization Research Center of the University of Stuttgart and the Computer Graphics and Visualization lab of the University of Dresden. Source code and error tickes are hosted at SourceForge.

I am eagerly waiting how the project is going to develop.

I wish you all a happy New Year.

Without any new year’s resolution lets just see what will be coming our way. ;-)

But i promise you that i will shortly finish Mr. Burns 3.

… still searching for a better name of kdd …