I had some very quite days this week. Nothing really happend, and that is a very good thing. Thus, the only thing I have to say this week is:

Merry Christmas!

It’s the first sunday after I promised to write a post each sunday. Well, at least I warned you that not all posts will be meaningful. So let’s start directly with the non-meaningful ones:

Some days ago I heard a discussion (more like a monolog), where an expert (Linux user, which only touches Windows using thick gloves, and only if he really must) presented his opinion: “Windows 7 was the way it was, but Windows 8 is not suitable for desktop computers”.

Really, I cannot stand this non-sense! Did you ever try using Windows 8? (“Using” not “trying out”!) I did. On my desktop computer. And you know what? It works perfectly! The tile menu in Windows 8 is just fine, the apps can be ignored without effort, and on the legacy desktop there are so many small improvements that I really enjoy working with it. Okey, most of the GUI changes are optimized for touch input. Using on a normal desktop computer you need to use a special hardware called: MOUSE!

Some of you might have noticed that SGrottel.de was unavailable for about two weeks now.
I am trying to clean up the mess and to reconstruct the lost data (post only. Comments are lost for sure).

Just a quick note: Never NEVER EVER trust a backup system you have not set up yourself.

I am online again!

Due to me moving to a new city I was without internet for four weeks (ok, I have internet at my work, but this obviously does not count). This is a damn long time! But now, the waiting has come to an end.

Next up:

I got one bug report each for Burns 3 and Dib. I am gonna look into these the next days. For the Burns 3 bug I already wrote a workaround and I am waiting for a confirmation that this fixes the problem.

The last few weeks were packed with work. That’s why I had to distract myself and power down my brain a bit. So I tried something new and created three little fonts. Each only contains glyphs for the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 and represents them as tally marks. Since these files are simple and small, their are free for download and free for any use anyone would like:

Tally Marks Europa.ttfTally Marks Europa.ttf Tally Marks Europa
[5.69 KB; MD5: beadd7876b05cdfa98a32498fb630ea0; More Info]


Tally Marks Asia.ttfTally Marks Asia.ttf Tally Marks Asia
[5.11 KB; MD5: a952cb9ac13ff68b2ada0484bc786e0e; More Info]


Tally Marks Spain.ttfTally Marks Spain.ttf Tally Marks Spain
[5.70 KB; MD5: 6219f0201922f513cb3efe0fbd2e1958; More Info]

The TheLib Project was started 22. March.

It is the follow-up project of the VISlib, an openly available library of Totally Helpful Extensions for C++ and C# with focus on scientific visualization. TheLib is created in a cooperation betweent the Visualization Research Center of the University of Stuttgart and the Computer Graphics and Visualization lab of the University of Dresden. Source code and error tickes are hosted at SourceForge.

I am eagerly waiting how the project is going to develop.

I wish you all a happy New Year.

Without any new year’s resolution lets just see what will be coming our way. 😉

But i promise you that i will shortly finish Mr. Burns 3.

… still searching for a better name of kdd …

Tada! 🙂

The webpage is now available with a shiny new appearance. … or something like that. At least I got rid of my old, annoying php scripts. I decided to use WordPress as blog engine/CMS, and up to now, I don’t regret the decision. Everything seems functional. There are a few small flaws with the multi-language plugin and, of course, I want to replace the theme with my own, but for now I am satisfied.

Now I can focus on other things. There are enough projects I want to work o …

Just in time for the new year 2010 my website is back online. Okey, it’s not really finished or something, but … well … it’s a start.

Now, don’t start dreaming of regular updates. I’m still very short on spare time. But I will do my best. So, stay tuned … 😉