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MegaMol™ with Inter-Plugin Dependencies

This article details the work with inter-plugin dependencies in MegaMol™. The primary scenario is to have one (or many) plugins use Call classes exported by another plugin (and not the MegaMol™ core). Actually, nothing was changed in the MegaMol™ core.

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Tutorial at IEEE VIS 2015 in Chicago

I have written about this before, but here is the official news reblogged from the SFB 716 website. GPU-based interactive Visualization of Large Particle Data At the end of October, the largest conference on scientific visualization – the IEEE VIS

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MegaMol Release v1.1

It is time! The new release of MegaMol is available on its project website: megamol.org Release 1.1 There will be more info on the IEEE VIS conference in Chicago on next Sunday.

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Howto: Compiling an alternative MegaMol on Linux

We updated MegaMol to use cmake to build on Linux OS. This greatly improved the build process on Linux. But this also makes some more uncommon scenarios difficult to realize. For example, cmake usually automatically detects required dependencies. But, in

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VII. Annual Meeting of the Boltzmann Zuse Society

This Monday and Thursday the VII. Annual Meeting of the Boltzmann-Zuse-Society for Computational Molecular Engineering takes place in Kaiserslautern, organized by Martin Horsch. Basically it is a meeting for the groups from Stuttgart (VISUS, HLRS), Paderborn, Kaiserslautern and Dresden, to talk

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MegaMol + CMake

Maybe, this week’s biggest achievement is the now completely new build process of MegaMol on Linux using Cmake. I even updated the online documentation.

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Completion of the VICCI project – Part 1

The ESF-funded junior research group VICCI dealt from 2012 until the end of 2014 with the development, control and integration of cyber physical systems (CPS) at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Dresden University of Technology. The scope includes

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Upcoming: SIGGRAPH ASIA 2014

Next week the SIGGRAPH ASIA 2014 finally takes place in Shenzhen, China. I am prepared and looking forward to a great conference and to the opportunity to present my work: Technical Papers – Special Session: Visualization, Thursday, 4th December; 11:00

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MegaMol Development

I like working with Software. I have fun handling large data sets and producing interactive 3D visualizations which are useful, nice and cool. On the way to create them I, of course, need a huge lot of functions, libraries and

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MegaMol – A Prototyping Framework for Particle-based Visualization

Today, I am only writing a short note on MegaMol. We have done it! We published the MegaMol system as systems paper: S. Grottel, M. Krone, C. Müller, G. Reina, and T. Ertl, “MegaMol — A Prototyping Framework for Particle-based

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