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Link Shell Extension

Windows has a lot of nice features nobody knows about. And with some of them I am really wondering why. A good example are links: hard links, junctions, etc., not those silly shortcuts. NTFS has these things, it always had.


I may be in some aspects old fashioned. For example, I like to have my music locally on the devices I am going to play them at. So, I am grabbing my CDs and collecting everything as MP3s and Flacs


Today I am only writing a short comment: with WinDirStat there is a further alternative/successor of SequoiaView. The tool itself is a clone of KDirStat, but who cares. The only important thing is, that the great visualization of space consumption


Up until now I was using WinAmp, but since this project has reached its end, I started looking for an alternative. One problem I was avoiding for quite some time now is the use of a media library. I buy


Today, I want to talk about another tool which is not written by me: ReplaceVistaIcon (aka SetVistaIcon). This is a small windows command line tool which sets or replaces native icons in windows executables. My usage scenario is mainly connected


Today again I want to talk about a tool I do not want to miss anymore: KeePass It is a nice editor for encripted password data bases. Since a friend of mine told me about that tool and since I

“Everything” – Search Engine

Today I want to introduce a new Category for my website: “Tool links”. Here, I will link to tools by other people. (Small) tools which I like and which I use myself. I will start with “Everything” ( This nice