OpenGL, Ubuntu in a VirtualBox (Update)

OpenGL, Ubuntu in a VirtualBox (Update)

A few weeks ago I wrote about my experience with VirtualBox and hardware-accelerated OpenGL using an Ubuntu guest OS. This post here is an errata.

The downgrade of the GuestAdditions only downgraded the driver of the virtualized graphics card that much, that OpenGL had to fall back to a pure software rasterizer. Thus, this is no solution at all.

With a current GuestAdditions OpenGL works somewhat. However, it does not work very well. You only have to do something in the grey area and everything crashes (including VirtualBox itself if you are lucky). For example, the Freegut usually available as installation packages in version 2.8 does not work at all. The current release candidate in version 3, however, does work.

Honestly, I have no idea if the whole thing works at all. The frame rates are not convincing. To conclude: this is not a solution and for sure not a replacement for a real computer with real hardware and a real installation. Sad.

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