Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up

There were no post on the last two Sundays. And that was on purpose. The whole idea to write one post every Sunday was kind of good, but did not work. Far too many posts were fillers without any content. That is not good. Those posts only bloated my blog. Which helped no one. And bloating things up is something I do not like at all. Thus, it is time for a change. It is time to clean up!

I deleted all old filler posts. No one needs them.

Exoworlds is history. I had the idea for this game since school. And now it is time to let go. I will never find enough time to create the game in the form I imagined. The little time I have for something like this is better invested in my other projects, I have to say.

To be precise: MegaMol and SpringerJagd are my two remaining projects I will be working on. In the vicinity of those, more small utilities will emerge.

In future I try to post regularly. But I will not promise anything.

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