Welcome 2024

This is my first post in 2024, and amazingly, I managed to not post anything for seven and a half months. That might be a sad record. Well, it’s not that I did not do anything publicly available to the community in that time. It does show, however, that my priorities lay somewhere else than this blog. But I don’t want to give this here up just yet.

Anyhow, I don’t want to just write down a blown-up lazy list of what I did, e.g. repeating my Github journal, because, that would be just sad. If you are interested in what happened in my Tiny Tools, Everything Search Client, Checkouts Overview, OpenHere, LittleStarter, MyToDoBoard, updated Nuget Packages, SimpleLog, etc., I suggest you have a look at my Github profile directly. I guess, this is the non-blown-up list.

So, for today, I leave this little sad “I am still alive” message here.

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