TheLib (Update)

TheLib (Update)

The development of TheLib continues.

One thing I learned during my work as developer of scientific software is that large software projects at universities are extreamly difficult to manage. Mainly because the people involved are “scientists” and no “developers”. The experience, the processes, and the structures to reach common goals (compromises) are mostly missing. At the same time, many problems of todays sciences cannot be solved without large and complex software. Thus, most software created in academia is pratically not usable. This is a fact I can not accept.

The approach of TheLib is based on the idea of “divide an conquer”. Instead of developing a huge software which can do everything, we concentrate on a clean development of smaller pieces of the software. This way, we can increaste the usablility, the maintainability and thus the re-usability of these components. The TheLib provides fundamental base classes. I see this project as “extension” to existing projects like the STL or BOOST. It is not a competitor and it does not aim to be one. Therefore, we pay close attantion to reach very high interoperability with these projects.

Even so we reduced the scope of the TheLib to a moderate minimum, it still is a lot to do. Whatever. This is how it should be. If it would be easy, anyone could do it. ;-)

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