Legacy-Code (2)

Legacy-Code (2)

Last weak I wrote about legacy code. That topic prevails.

There are two fundamental views of legacy code:

  1. Some people believe legacy code is trash and needs to be removed as fast as possible.
  2. Some other people believe legacy code is a gold mine to be harvestes as fast as possible.

The truth is not somewhere in the middle, like it is often. Instead the truth is that both types of arguments are right. Legacy code is a trash pile full of gold! The gold must be harvested and the trash must be removed. However, that, of course, needs a lot of effort to be achieved. One should not be greedy. With each project, one should remove a little bit of the trash and should reveal a little bit of the gold. Over time, everything will get better.

For TheLib we have that problem as well, of course! To implement the “small steps” I was writing about we started the.vislib.legacy project.

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