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Dib Update

Hello everyone, I updated Dib to fix the issues reported by Marc. Now everything should work fine.

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Dib GUI Update

  While I was coding for Mr. Burns 3 config-dialog window I realised that I made a silly mistake in the GUI of Dib. Sometimes, reading or writing the desktop icon information takes several seconds and the Dib GUI did

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DIB Update

Last week I tried to use DIB to restore the icon positions on my computer at work. However DIB told me that he couldn’t find my desktop. … wut? So, I debugged a little and checked what was happening. Actually,

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Desktop Icon Backup

About two years ago I was tinkering with code for changing the resolutions of my monitors. Of course, I screwed up several times and broke the layout of the icons on my desktop. So I searched the internet for a

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