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Yes, I am still using AntTweakBar. As you might know, the development of AntTweakBar is discontinued. At some point in the future, I will switch. Currently, I consider imgui the best successor. But I haven’t had time to look into …

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Some while ago, two of my colleagues were putting effort into our main code base and build system, to migrate to Visual Studio 2017, and the C++17 standard. Admirable and sensible. Of course, that was reason enough for another colleague …

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One of my old computer science professors, back in the days, used to say, if you use a debugger while you are writing your code, you are a bad programmer. My, oh my. What an idiot. It makes perfect sense …

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Previously, I wrote about using one global msbuild xml file to override nuget package content for local development. While this does work, it comes with a warning if multiple packages use this mechanism: ***Test\packages\***.0.7.1-prerelease-\build\native\***.targets(7,5): warning MSB4011: “***Test\packagesoverride.xml.user” cannot be imported …

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Previously, I wrote about using NuGet for software components, which are still in active development. One of the most important factors was the capability to override the nuget package’s content with content fetched from a directory, e.g., a working copy …

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As can be read on the internet: HtmlAgilityPack is not for beautiful, aka human readable, html files. “[…] it’s a ‘by design’ choice.” [https://stackoverflow.com/a/5969074] So everyone redirects you to some other library. Now, I am a bit stubborn. I want …

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And here is another Nuget package: https://bitbucket.org/sgrottel_nuget/teamcity-gtest-streamer https://www.nuget.org/packages/teamcity-gtest-streamer A small library for better integration of GoogleTest into TeamCity. It’s actually a single header-only file library. But it still has a nuget for easy integration and update.

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GLM is a nice, lean, good math library for OpenGL. It’s header-only. Does a NuGet package make sense anyway? I say “Yes”. The simple usage and the clean versioning make up for the minimal additional overhead. I am now also …

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Lua has been updated to 5.3.5 So, I also updated my NuGet package to Lua 5.3.5

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Hi, I updated the NuGet package for GLFW once again. The content is basically identical to before, but there are three important changes: The version number now uses four numbers: The fourth number is a package-build number which I …

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