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Yes, I am still using AntTweakBar. As you might know, the development of AntTweakBar is discontinued. At some point in the future, I will switch. Currently, I consider imgui the best successor. But I haven’t had time to look into …

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As can be read on the internet: HtmlAgilityPack is not for beautiful, aka human readable, html files. “[…] it’s a ‘by design’ choice.” [https://stackoverflow.com/a/5969074] So everyone redirects you to some other library. Now, I am a bit stubborn. I want …

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The Problem We have projects working with WinForms GUIS. Different Developers work with different Computers, and these have different DPI settings. Every time the Project is opened on a system with different DPIs the WinForms get scaled, which is painfully …

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Simple computer graphics demos are often developed as console applications. Having the console window is simply convenient for debug output. However, if we then show these demos on our stereo powerwall, the console window flashing on program start is massively …

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Most new data sets for my scientific visualization find their way to my desk in form of arbitrarily structures text files. This is not really a problem. The first sensible step is converting them into a fast binary format for …

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Today I am presenting another small tool of mine: the ShutdownPlannerGUI The basic idea is simple: it is a small GUI, slapped together in C#, around the Shutdown command-line utility. It is about the timer, specifying when the system is …

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Once again, it is time for one of my little tools, which the world does not need (but I do). The idea is simple: think of a series of files in one directory, e.g. music files of a audio book …

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Software should solve problems. Sometimes this is the case. I had a problem: I have a somewhat older convertible laptop, an ASUS Aspire 1820PT. A nice and cheap convertible of it’s time. With touch screen support for up to two …

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Hello everyone, I updated Dib to fix the issues reported by Marc. Now everything should work fine.

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  While I was coding for Mr. Burns 3 config-dialog window I realised that I made a silly mistake in the GUI of Dib. Sometimes, reading or writing the desktop icon information takes several seconds and the Dib GUI did …

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