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VISlib 1.0

Once again I missed a Sunday to do a post. Oh well. These of you who actually read ma post should know, that, even I am posting on each Sunday, I only make an interesting post every three weeks, or

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Whenever you work on a software, which is not trivial or small, than you have to work with legacy code. I talk about old codes. Either one wants to re-use them or one does not. Regardless, however, you always have

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Not much time left …

The year 2012 is almost gone. Let’s use this opportunity to reflect on what’s happend. Ok, ok. No one likes annual reviews (me neither), but still… Early this year I defended my dissertation, and finished my Ph.D. With this, I

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The TheLib Project was started 22. March. It is the follow-up project of the VISlib, an openly available library of Totally Helpful Extensions for C++ and C# with focus on scientific visualization. TheLib is created in a cooperation betweent the

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