This semester the preparation and holding of my lecture eats away a lot of time. And, there is so much else I need to do, too. Luckily, I get help from my co-workers and student assistants. And, if I would not have my fun doing all this, I would have changed jobs a long time ago.

In my lecture, by the way, I teach programming in the language C++. The focus is on the language itself and on using it correctly. I use interactive computer graphics as scenario. And in the practical part of the lecture, my students can write a small computer game. I am very satisfied with the base code skeleton we prepared this year. And I am curious what the students will make of it in the last exercise.

Next week the lectures at the TU Dresden start again. I am going to the lecture on C++ programming for computer graphics. This is the third year I will be giving this lecture. While I already have a decent stock of slides for the lecture to work with I will extend the content on 3D graphics (OpenGL). Together with a student assistant we are also completely renewing the practical exercises. This will be so good.

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Tomorrow the lecture term of the summer semester 2014 starts. Of course, I did not made as much preparations as I liked to do, but it is alright. Most stuff is prepared for the first few weeks. Concerning the rest of the semester, well, there are still some busy days in front of me. Well, it’s part of the job.

However, because of that I almost did not do anything for my private projects. When I come home in the evening and even on weekends, I don’t feel like doing something on those. Although, I have many great ideas, I just don’t have the energy to make them happen. At least I manage to do my own household chores.

This week the lecture period for the winter semester 2013/14 ended at the TUD. I love working with students, I love tutoring them with their (Master or Diploma) thesis, and I love giving lectures. If it were different the university would be the worst working place choice for me. However, I am still happy that the lecture period is now over and that I now have more time again for the research projects.

The VICCI project is now in its last year. Now we need to bring the reached results just one step further and achieve a good presentation. We all want to show the quality of our results to everyone. The visualization work is currently in its (hopefully last) review cycle. One or two more weeks of work and it should be done. After that, I only need to do some more programming for the software infrastructure.

Additionally, of course, the preparations for follow-up projects are being made, too. We have a whole lot of open questions. The tricky part is to select a nice subset of these questions, to pack them into a realistic work package, and to convince the potential funding agency that this is worth their money. I, myself, have some very nice ideas, I thing. Hopefully I will get the chance to start the respective projects.

The lecture period started this week.

This semester, together with a colleague, I am giving the lecture on “Scientific Visualization”. I am looking forward to it. However, this, of course, also means a lot of work. Mainly revising and updating the lecture slices and exercises. Therefore, I hardly had time to do anything else. Well, this is also part of my job.

The image of the article, by the way, shows a part of the “visible human” data set using direct volume rendering

This was the last week of the lecture periode of this sommer semester. As research staff of the university, I, of course, do not hear lectures nor do I have to study for exams. Been there, done that. But, the lecture periode is important for my daily work. I supervise students, in lectures, in exercise courses, with their bachelor, master, or diploma theses. But now, in the lecture-free time, there is less of all of that. Therefore, traditionally, now also starts the vacation season for the university staff. I will continue working hard for two more weeks, to push some of my projects forward, mainly VICCI and MegaMol. But after that, it is time for a leave. I am looking forward to it.