End of the Lecture Period

End of the Lecture Period

This week the lecture period for the winter semester 2013/14 ended at the TUD. I love working with students, I love tutoring them with their (Master or Diploma) thesis, and I love giving lectures. If it were different the university would be the worst working place choice for me. However, I am still happy that the lecture period is now over and that I now have more time again for the research projects.

The VICCI project is now in its last year. Now we need to bring the reached results just one step further and achieve a good presentation. We all want to show the quality of our results to everyone. The visualization work is currently in its (hopefully last) review cycle. One or two more weeks of work and it should be done. After that, I only need to do some more programming for the software infrastructure.

Additionally, of course, the preparations for follow-up projects are being made, too. We have a whole lot of open questions. The tricky part is to select a nice subset of these questions, to pack them into a realistic work package, and to convince the potential funding agency that this is worth their money. I, myself, have some very nice ideas, I thing. Hopefully I will get the chance to start the respective projects.

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