I believe, there is a very high number of people, that study computer science, and enjoy computer games or video games. I am certainly one of them. And, I believe, most, maybe all people of this group, have at some point in their lives writing their own computer game. Or, at least, they started to do so. Again, I certainly have. Well, but writing a computer game is a lot of work. Especially, if it is something bigger than “Tic Tac Toe.” And, for that very simple reason, most people never finish any bigger game. Again, I certainly have not.

Over the years, I had plenty of ideas. Some were big, some were small. All were too big to get anything done. SpringerJagd is a good example. Not too big. Maybe not a good idea at all. But, anyway, too big for me to finish.

But is “too big” really the problem here? In the Indie-game community, there are quite some games, which can be considered big. And those are sometimes written by a single person. So, what is the difference?

Perseverance! Focus!

Do not try to do too many things. Focus on one project, and see it through to the end.

I want to do this now! (There is no “try.”) I selected “Exoworlds.net” from my long list of ideas.

Exoworlds.net has quite a history, already. I had the first idea for this game back in Highschool. Over  the years, the game idea shifted, changed, simplified, and got better focus. I believe, the idea I have right now, is a pretty good one. At least, I believe, it is a game I would want to play. I will write a little more about this game idea, soon.

So, from now on, all private software project must be directly or indirectly support the project Exoworlds.net. I am hyped.