Bai Bai 2017

Bai Bai 2017

Here we are. At the end of 2017. Compared to 2016 it was a great year, and much has happened. In fact, I was so busy, I found almost no time to write here, that this blog seemed genuinely dead. It is not! It is … just … slow.

Most important change for me: I left the academia for good. This spring I joined FARO Scanner Production, a high-tech company creating laser scanner hardware and software. Obviously, I came for the software, more precisely for the visualization and rendering functionality. So far, I am truly happy with my new job. Everyone I work with is great, the tasks are great, and I have fun! Towards the end of the year I got promoted to Team Lead of the visualization group. Things are getting busy but also more and more interesting. I am really looking forward for the new challenges and opportunities coming in 2018.

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