I believe, there is a very high number of people, that study computer science, and enjoy computer games or video games. I am certainly one of them. And, I believe, most, maybe all people of this group, have at some point in their lives writing their own computer game. Or, at least, they started to do so. Again, I certainly have. Well, but writing a computer game is a lot of work. Especially, if it is something bigger than “Tic Tac Toe.” And, for that very simple reason, most people never finish any bigger game. Again, I certainly have not.

Over the years, I had plenty of ideas. Some were big, some were small. All were too big to get anything done. SpringerJagd is a good example. Not too big. Maybe not a good idea at all. But, anyway, too big for me to finish.

But is “too big” really the problem here? In the Indie-game community, there are quite some games, which can be considered big. And those are sometimes written by a single person. So, what is the difference?

Perseverance! Focus!

Do not try to do too many things. Focus on one project, and see it through to the end.

I want to do this now! (There is no “try.”) I selected “Exoworlds.net” from my long list of ideas.

Exoworlds.net has quite a history, already. I had the first idea for this game back in Highschool. Over  the years, the game idea shifted, changed, simplified, and got better focus. I believe, the idea I have right now, is a pretty good one. At least, I believe, it is a game I would want to play. I will write a little more about this game idea, soon.

So, from now on, all private software project must be directly or indirectly support the project Exoworlds.net. I am hyped.

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    • Eine sehr gute Frage. “Die Spielidee” ist sehr, sehr alt, noch aus meiner Schulzeit! Über die Jahre hat es sich auch sehr stark gewandelt, so dass ich jetzt ungern zu viel versprechen möchte, wenn es sich dann doch wieder ändert.

      Was fest geblieben ist, weil das die Art Spiele sind die ich selber gerne spiele, es wird ein taktisches Echtzeitspiel in einem SciFi-Szenario.

      Ehrlich gesagt, ich bin die letzten Jahr nur schleppend langsam bis gar nicht voran gekommen. Da gehe ich jetzt nicht davon aus, dass es hier bald mehr info gäbe.

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