It’s always the same …

It’s always the same …

Last week I updated my computer to Windows 8.1. The improved Skydrive integration is still completely useless, but luckily there are thrid-party tools for the job.

Whatever. Then I were copying some files onto my backup server and the copying dialog windows offended me with 2 BK/s. To make things clear: we are talking about 5 files, more than 500 MB each, altogether a bit over 18 GB. Thus, it is not the “small files are slow” issue here. After about half a day of checking the configurations of my server and my other computers and semi-guided googeling I finally found the answer:

Large Send Offload v2 (IPv4) – Disable
Large Send Offload v2 (IPv6) – Disable

The thing of this whole story which is really frustrating me, is that I knew about this. I already knew that these settings can be the reason for rancid network performance. *gnampf* It seems I am getting old.

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