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Post about my board game Springerjagd

SpringerJagd Discontinued

I will not continue with my game idea project “SpringerJagd”. That project simply got the short end as I was prioritizing all my projects. A pitty, but it is better that way. Now I have more time I can direct

Mini Update of

The preparations for the upcoming lecture term consume me. Literally. There is not much time left for my private projects. Let’s say it in another way: when I come home from work in the evening, then I had enough from

The (old) Springerjagd Prototype is where it belongs

Just a quick updates. I moved the old Springerjagd prototype, called Knights Double Duel at that time, to the Springerjagd website. As one of the next steps I will write a new online version of the game, as the current

Update: Springerjagd Webpage

I am currently trying to sort, to organize, and to prioritize my personal software projects. The one probably most important to me, at this moment, is SpringerJagd, albeit it is most likely not interesting for anyone else. Like I care.


I moved to content of the Springerjagd website here onto my blog. It is just simpler only have to maintain a single website. The springerjagd website stays online, of course. For one thing, there is the redirection to my blog.

Knights Hunt on a Hex-Board

Some time ago I talked with a good friend of mine about Knights Hunt. He said, I should move away from the chess-like board. Another nice type would be a hex-board. That time I rejected the idea, but the brain

Knights Hunt

Busy days. But I am pretty happy with my new Job. And I like my new flat and my new city. … New life. 🙂 However, my private projects are not completely on hold. Especially my brain is working as

KDD Rule-Update

I updated the rules of KDD (still don’t like the Name). The extension rules are now removed. Neighbor-Attack and Switch-Move are now allowed special moves, while Single-Pawn-Block and Second-Free-Pawn are removed. These two where to fast to block the board

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(Deutsch) Zug um Zug

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. Irgendwie ist es natürlich immer schön sich

Simple KDD Online Prototype

I need to get to feel my game. I am speaking of KDD. So I wrote a small, simple prototype for playing around. But, since I wanted to be not the only one having fun, I wrote it in Php with JavaScript