The Board Game is evolving …

The Board Game is evolving …

I told you about my current projects in the article I wrote at the end of last year. Among these projects is the “nameless board game”, which I am trying to create for some time now.

My Motivation was to create a chess variant with some features:

  • Less number of pieces, meaning the number of pieces per player as well as the number of types of pieces,
  • less rules, what should happen more or less automatically due to the reduction of the pieces, and
  • shorter game durations.

I have now experimented with different pieces, setups, and rules for a long time. A few days ago, 9th May, it seems I finally had the key idea! Since then I am testing the game, to see if it is functional, meaning none of the players has a significant advantage over the other and that the game is not too easy. Both are problems that are well known e.g. from Tic-tac-toe.

At the moment I am writing a small program allowing the computer to play against itself. The basic framework is done and I am writing the computer player now. All works pretty well, considering my half knowledge about computer player AIs. As soon as I got two or three implementations I will start testing and I will see if my rule set is fair and balanced.

I am insanely curious about it …

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