Things are gonna change, … once more

Things are gonna change, … once more

In … April, *omg* that was a long time ago, … whatever … I wrote I’d like to re-work and extend my websites. On my wish list were bullets like user comments and RSS feeds. Long story short: I ask myself recently if I am a complete idiot. I mean … *wtf* … what I have here is pretty exactly a Blog and nothing else. Therefore I am currently looking at existing, free Blog-Engines and I will switch to one of these.

Nevertheless, as I am writing an entry here I thought I use this opportunity to update my project list:

  • MegaMol
    My huge project at work: MegaMol; That project is now in the hands of my successor. I am not doing any big changes there any more, just some minor fixes.
  • Exoworlds
    There is nothing new here. I got my ideas. They are rather complete. I simply have to do it. *sigh*
  • MILC
    “… but stay tuned.” What a joke. Whatever. Does not evolve and is problably going to get canceled.
  • Nameless Board Game
    Well, I can actually tell you something new here! In May I wrote that the rule set is making good progress. Now I got a first version (with some possible variants).You can take a look:

    KDD_Rules_2011_6.pdfKDD_Rules_2011_6.pdf Knights Double-Duel Rules (June 2011)
    There is a newer Version of this File available
    [378 KB; MD5: b76e1d4489614ae95cfcf716663980ca; More Info]

    Now, the problem remains, that I am not sure if the game is fair with these rules. At the moment it looks like the second player as a slight advantage (when played without the variants. I am currently checking if this is really the case.
    I also named the game “Knights Double-Duel”, because this is basically it. Both players play each with two knights similar to chess.
  • NSB
    NSB is officially dead for now.
  • Kanoneur 2
    Kanoneur 2 is also officially dead for now.
  • My Website
    Now, I am not going to say something.
  • Mr. Burns TOK
    *sigh* I don‘t know.
  • All my little Tools
    Yeah, there are some I am writing every now and then. (No mail), no plan, no goal

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