It is nice when you can rely on technology. I am always willing to pay a “little more” to get stuff that simply does what it should do and that does not make me problems. To carry some private data with me I bought a Kingston DataTraveler USB stick about 1 ½ years ago. I carries it at my key chain to have some important data at home and at work. Maybe you cannot easily spot why I am writing this post in the picture I took from my stick.

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Yesterday was the Uni-Tag (open day presentation) at the TU Dresden. What a colossal waste of time. Because of “something” or demo was moved into a different building since last year. When I said, that this is a bad thing because nobody would find us, I got answers like “No problem. We put signs on and we will send people into your direction, blablabla.” The result: giving a three hour demo we were able to show our stuff to something like 20 people. What a joke. I really would have had better things to do with my Saturday.

It is frightening how few time remains for my private projects. All more important for me to set my priority right. Therefore, I decided to abort another one of my private projects: HexDuel.

I have not written anything about HexDuel on my blog. It was meant to be a smart-phone game focusing on two-player gameplay. It was turn based, optimized for touch input, and had a nice and extendable graphical design, at least in my opinion. Nevertheless, it was the project with the lowest priority. However, it is a pity. It was a good idea.

It’s getting better. Slowly but steadily I am gaining speed. That is, I am making progress, both with my private projects and with my work.

The semester is running and i have much fun with my lecture.

New projects are starting and are looking good. Old projects come close to their conclusion and they do not look that bad either.

I am confident.

I am far too pissed off to translate the whole article into English. Especially since no one reads my blog. Long story short, my EA Origin Account was hacked and stolen. Luckily for me, I only used it for free to play games so far and I lost nothing except for the time I invested into my virtual Springfield. I uninstalled Springfield and I will shun EA Origin, no matter how interesting their games might look.

This week I participated in a workshop on parallel programming. It was given by a guy from the HLRS. Since I myself worked at the University of Stuttgart before 2012, I got in some reminiscent mood; only a little.

The workshop itself was pretty good. It covered MPI and OpenMP together with some tools for development. In theory none of these are black magic, but it is good to try for yourself with well-prepared practical examples. That way you can get to know the stuff step by step.

Once again I missed a Sunday to do a post. Oh well. These of you who actually read ma post should know, that, even I am posting on each Sunday, I only make an interesting post every three weeks, or so.

Today, I have news from the VISlib: the VISlib is now finally released as version 1.0!

With that, the VISlib reached her final development state. We will only continue to fix bugs, based on that release, but we will not introduce new functionality. Instead we implement The.Vislib.Legacy-Project in the trunk of the repository of the VISlib. This project is a step-by-step migration towards TheLib.

I know, I know, the end of the year is not here, yet. However, it is the last Sunday 2013 and thus it is time for a Post at the end of the year.

Reviews of a year’s events are awful, especially if the year was not that great. Well, this year was not especially bad either, but I could have been much better. At least there was one pleasant surprise shortly before Christmas (I will write more about it early next year, as soon as it gets official).

Now it is time to look at the future. It is time to make plans for 2014 and to start working on their implementation. Form a business point of view many events and ideas are coming up and I am curious to see which of them will be successful. I don’t want to write too much about them yet, only, that I got ideas for research projects and funding project applications. When enough of these ideas work out, then science will remain interesting for me.

Considering my private programming projects, not much has happened; and that is an exaggeration. Well, we will see what will happen on that end.

But, now I wish everyone a Happy New Year!